Web pioneer Google, which effectively weaned people off newspapers and everything that was 'old guard', has surprisingly come back to the print medium. The tech giant has been pubishing newspaper advertisements on Google Chrome as well as its newly launched Web guidebook.

The ads, apart from popularizing the operating system, also market the online guidebook it launched last week.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt told the media at the Web 2.0 Summit last week that the Chrome Operating System was a just a few months away. 

In the same summit Google admitted that the company is running these ads in several newspapers in major cities in the United States to raise awareness about the guidebook and point readers to it, especially if they find it useful and educational.

“We hope some readers will pick up a new factoid or piece of insight even from the ad itself about how browsers and the web work. They'll be running this month,” said a spokesperson from Google.

Google has already hyped chrome browser a lot on online media like ESPN.com and The New York Times online. The search engine has gone through many launches. In 2008 it had launched Chrome. In October 2009 Google launched Whatbrowser.org that defines what a Web browser is and lets users download the applications that let us surf the Web.

Recently Google launched its guidebook called 20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web”.