China New Media is a young company that is quickly evolving into a global power. Founded in 2000, the company owns and operates the largest outdoor media network located in Dalian, China, which encompasses over 600 bus shelters furnished with billboards and displays. Recently, the fast-growing company took a major step towards enhancing their future by hosting the opening ceremony for Harbor-Style Bus Shelters.

The Harbor-Style Bus Shelters are ‘Fourth Generation Shelters’ that showcase an impressive media product lineup featuring advanced LED digital display technology. China New Media plans to construct 100 of the new street-bus shelters throughout Dalian and expects to generate RMB 6 million in annual revenue from the new-style shelters in 2010. The young company has possession to the exclusive right to these shelters and maintains the sole right to operate the shelters’ advertising business.

With a focus on beautifying the urban environment, China New Media is investing RMB 13 million to build a network of world-class standards of street bus shelters that contain state-of-the-art facilities such as regional road maps, convenient seating, recycling and trash facilities and many other personalized services.

When asked about the future of China New Media, James Wang who serves as the company’s CEO was quoted as saying, “When we complete construction of all the shelters in Dalian, they will play a positive role in enhancing the city’s overall image, increasing the level of public services, and highlighting the city’s modern image and cultural atmosphere. We believe that public awareness of our service facilities will help to broaden our client base, leading to increased demand for time slots and advertising space.”

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