Happy Opening Day, baseball fans! Finally, after five long months (maybe more, if your team didn't make it to last year's post-season), America's favorite pastime is back.

The return of Major League Baseball also means the return of celebrity baseball fans like Ben Affleck (Red Sox), Jay-Z (Yankees), Snooki (Mets) and even President Barack Obama (White Sox).

These famous faces will surely be enjoying the game with a new season of hotdogs, beer, popcorn and pretzels, all from the comfort of their VIP seats.

Will baseball be seeing the famous face of Lady Gaga this season? Two years ago, the superstar was banned from the New York Yankees clubhouse after she was seen grabbing her chest and slurring her words, all while wearing a loose jersey, underwear, a bra and fishnets. At another game, weeks before the clubhouse incident, Gaga was also seen throwing a temper tantrum at Citi Field, where she apparently flipped the bird (with both fingers) to the crowd.

While most famous baseball fans are not famous for their stadium behavior, it's safe to say that Gaga will most likely stay away from baseball games for the time being. She's currently preparing for a massive world tour that begins Apr. 27.

But back to baseball. And all those celebrity fans. Here's a look at some famous faces and the teams they love.

Happy Opening Day 2012!