Opera Software has released Opera Mini 6 for Apple’s iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, a report said.

The web browser has already been introduced in platforms such as Android and BlackBerry which received the updates in March.

The iOS version of Opera has been late in reaching the Apple products but is expected to be a major success on the platform.

The browser, created by the Norwegian company, has become one of the most popular web browsers on both mobile devices and PCs and has seen equal success when compared to rivals Chrome and Firefox.

Phillip Gronvold, a product manager at Opera, said the iOS platform could prove to be a major success for the company, especially in the US.

Gronvold, in his report, said the company does not intend for users to choose Opera over Safari, a web browser from Apple, but wants the browser to be used along with it as a complimentary browser. The browser can come handy when the network is slow for the users connected over 3G and Edge networks.

The Opera Mini 6 does extremely well in loading web pages faster as the compressed versions of the websites are already stored and regularly updated. The web pages are stored in the server banks created by Opera. Hence, the browser can open a webpage using less data than other browsers.

The Opera Mini 6 has been introduced with a new feature, tabbed browsing, that enables users to share webpages on different social networking websites. The touch-based navigation has also been updated from the browser’s previous version to complement Apple’s Safari browser.