It may appear to be a rather obvious statement, but getting to the investment before it actually goes up is the key to profit. One might call this misleading and sheer folly, but the opportunity does occasionally appear. In this instance, the opportunity discussed in this article may fall a bit out of QualityStocks’ guidelines but it may also be an opportunity for those that wish to invest in stocks pricier than what is generally featured by QualityStocks.

To be so bold, we might call this opportunity the “Opra play.” Opra Winfrey, a recognized media mogul, has been getting quite a bit of press lately (not that she doesn’t always get press) about leaving her television talk-show of twenty-five years. She indicates “it just feels right.” It is also likely, but not known widely, that she is leaving to get her proposed new “OWN” television network up and running. Doubting Opra Winfreys’ ability in this regard is a large error. Quite frankly, the woman has had very few failures and the bankroll to prove it. The question is how will she distribute her network programming? This is where the opportunity may be before it happens.

Ms. Winfrey may create her own cable channel, as she already has a production company in Harpo Productions, or she may choose to distribute though existing companies. This is the more likely option, although just opinion. Which, where and how are the questions to consider. One option recently recommended by others is Discovery Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: DISCA), a host of family centric media companies that fit with Ms. Winfreys’ sensibilities.

This is the key to picking and choosing the right media company. She is a known philanthropist and social activist. She promotes social causes and stays on the family oriented track. The network is likely making choices now but has not made any announcement as of yet. Expect to pay somewhere around $31 per share, but with the syndication of her talk show and other programming to date, profit is going to happen for whichever company wins out.