Oprah Winfrey rebuilt her entire on-stage set in Godiva chocolate.

The set consisted of a grandfather clock, table, books, chess set, fireplace and a vase of flowers (all made of chocolate) and was created with 7,000 Godiva bars and 2,400 truffles over the course of 1,400 hours. There was also a chocolate chandelier made from 1,500 pieces of chocolate.

It's fun and cute, but what about all the talk about healthy eating...? Dr Oz, Bob Greene, Oprah's incessant diet & weight dilemmas, her interviews with Michael Pollan?

Only in a culture of decadence would we see such extravagant use of expensive chocolate.

I can't help wondering what the African cocoa farmers would think, where wages are so low, that in some places child/slave labor is used to pick the cacao pods.