Binary options trading is an innovative and straightforward way to make profits from price movements in underlying markets. Also known as digital options, binary options allow investors to speculate on whether a market price will simply close above or below the current price in a given period of time. The simplicity of your investment ending up 'in the money' or 'out of the money' means that there is no need to create a complex exit strategy, as your exit will be determined by the expiry time that you agree to when you purchase the option. This expiry time can be anything from 5 minutes to one month and is predetermined depending on how much time your trade will need to mature in order to close out in profit.

Opteck offer one of the most advanced trading environments for binary options trading. Founded by a group of finance and technology experts, Opteck offers a secure and safe online platform providing optimum protection for you funds and financial information. Opteck prides itself on being at the forefront of client protection and this is reflected through extensive encryption and authentication systems that it employs across all of its services. Opteck specialises in offering binary options trading to both new and experienced traders. Its advanced platform allows those with very limited experience to quickly become confident in binary options trading.

Trading binary options with Opteck allows investors to realise substantial profits with some of the leading payout rates in the industry. With average payouts of 80% as well as the educational material to provide you with the skills required to find high-probability opportunities, Opteck are the ideal binary options broker to begin your trading career. Dedicated to helping you achieve your trading goals Opteck provide consistent 24-hour support with both telephone and email availability. Successful trading can be achieved using the fast, exciting and accessible trading platform and new clients can begin trading within minutes of opening a new account.

One of the major benefits of binary options over both traditional options and spread betting is that it allows both profits and any potential losses to be predetermined before purchasing. This means that an investor will not be subject to slippage or have to face any decisions regarding the level at which to exit the trade. As profits are predetermined, they are not affected by the degree of success of the trade. It does not matter how far above or below the strike price the option expires; the option will simply expire 'in the money' or 'out of the money'. Similarly, any losses that you incur will be known in advance and these will never exceed the pre-agreed amount.

Opteck provide a vast range of assets which can be traded using binary options. As binary options are derivatives of the underlying market, they will reflect the true value of the asset. As with all derivatives, no ownership of any goods are ever realised and allows the options to be easily traded. The ability to trade over very short periods of time is an area where binary options differ from more traditional, and often expensive, options trading. Binary options are popular amongst day traders due to the short expiry times on many of their contracts. Many of Opteck's assets have a payout rate of between 80-95% - this means that an initial investment of $100 will result in successful trade of over $180 in most cases. Conversely, losses are limited with a 5% protection rate, meaning that you will receive 5% of your original investment if your option expires out of the money.

Several markets are covered by a vast range of assets offered with Opteck binary options. These include currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. Within these markets investors can select individual companies or currency pairs with which to purchase binary options. All of the major indices are listed including the FTSE100, Dow Jones and S&P500. Options can be purchased for intraday trading on all of these assets or end-of-day, weekly and monthly expiry times. A wide range of stocks are also available, including leading US and European companies, and there are a wide range of commodities - including gold, silver and oil - providing a range of profitable trading opportunities.

Trading binary options with Opteck could not be easier thanks to its advanced trading platform. This allows investors to access advanced features such as stop-losses and take profit options. Traders can realise early profits and close positions before the options expire, or choose to close positions when a certain price level has been reached.  Opteck also offer trading signals and advanced risk management tools which give traders all they need to get the most out of their positions. With 24-hour trading and new trading options added on a daily basis, Opteck have established themselves as one of the leading global providers of binary options trading.

In addition, Opteck offers a vast range of educational materials to both new investors and market resources for those who already have trading experience. For first-time clients this includes a free educational package and access to an education centre providing free daily briefings, weekly reports, webinars and a dedicated personal account manager. New clients also benefit from a $50 bonus and an affiliate $50 bonus for referring a friend. Furthermore, all members receive access to free ebooks, tutorials and custom training programmes for both beginner and advanced traders. Opteck takes pride in dedicating itself to its clients' professional development and offers a wide range of educational material as well as one-off tutorials on a frequent basis.

Opteck can provide both new and experienced traders with a unique and dedicated binary options trading platform that is at the forefront of innovation and security. With leading tools and easy access, a new trader can be trading within minutes of opening an account. Opteck's dedication to client education and development make it a leading pioneer of both binary option services and client support. 24-hour trading and a vast range of highly competitive assets and payout rates make Opteck the leading global provider of binary options trading.