Optical Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of software and services for the automotive retail industry. The Company develops technology and services designed to maximize productivity and increase profits at auto dealerships. They do this through their operating subsidiary, Automotive Software Designers, Inc. Optical Systems, Inc. trades on the Pink Sheets, and they have their headquarters in Houston, Texas.

The Company’s flagship technology solution, Save-a-Deal, is a turnkey customer relationship management (CRM) tool for auto dealerships. Their business development center (BDC) provides a variety of services designed to help auto dealerships drive traffic to their showroom or Website, retain customers, and generate new income streams. The Company’s BDC can handle incoming sales inquiries, make outbound follow up sales calls to customers and qualified prospects, call/e-mail prospective Internet leads, and drive traffic to a dealership.

Their Save-a-Deal is a comprehensive, fully integrated front office software solution. When properly used, the scalable DMS system can increase unit sales and profit per vehicle. It does this while lowering costs through enhanced efficiency. With the Company’s solution, dealerships’ can always know where vehicle keys are and get all the deals, details, and cars, all the time. They can also generate any report in seconds, and get DMS inventory, and deal data updated every 30 minutes. In addition, they can track internet leads as well as track appointments and follow-up more effectively.

Last month, Optical Systems, Inc. announced the launch of Save-a-Car GPS, a cost-effective, global positioning system for auto dealerships to monitor and track inventory. Save–a-Car offers superior tracking capabilities, and allows drivers to save up to 35 percent on their insurance premium upon installation. Save-a-Car is currently available through Optical Systems, Inc.’s operating subsidiary, Automotive Software Designers.

On Monday, Automotive Software Designers, Inc., a leading provider of software and services for the automotive retail industry, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Optical Systems, Inc. announced a partnership with Triple Protection Auto Care, Inc. This is to market IdentiTheft®, an identity theft solution for consumers that is sold on behalf of automotive dealers. IdentiTheft® provides a professional ID Theft Recovery Advocate Program to fully manage the restoration process and restore customers’ identity to pre-event status should they become a victim of identity theft.