The Asian trading session seems to be optimistic, where most of the major Asian currencies were trading positively today except for the Japanese yen, yet the prices weren't affected by china's pessimistic news, where the Chinese economy issued February's home prices, where it recorded the worst performance in a year, as almost half of the cities monitored by the government falling from a year ago, as the country maintained curbs on the property market.

Starting with the Japanese yen, where the USD/JPY pair continued loosing against the U.S. dollar today and it is currently trading around 83.35, it recorded its highest at 83.56 and lowest at 83.33.

Moving to the Australian dollar, as the aussie advanced versus the U.S. dollar; the pair reached its highest level in today's trading session at 1.0618 and reached its lowest level at 1.0583, while it is currently trading around 1.0607.

Moving to the NZD/USD pair, which is slightly advancing, where the pair is currently trading around 0.8259 after it reached the highest at 0.8275 and lowest at 0.8247.

Heading to Europe, where it has a significant data to be released today, where the euro zone will release January's current account, along with the monthly and the annualized construction output.