The Asian session today is mostly optimistic as a result for the cheerful news in the U.S., where the initial jobless claims remained at its record low for the fourth consecutive month along with advance of Germany's business confidence

As, all the major currencies in the Asian region are advancing today, where the Japanese currency which weakened yesterday to a seven-month low against the U.S. dollar, started to rise again today.

The USD/JPY pair is advancing, as it is currently trading around 80.29, after it recorded its highest at 80.33 and lowest at 79.91.

Moving to the Australian dollar, where the Australian dollar recorded a slight advance against the U.S. dollar and the AUD / USD pair reached its highest level in today's trading session at 1.0753 and reached its lowest level at 1.0712, while it currently trading around 1.0736.

Moving to New Zealand, as the NZD/USD pair is slightly advancing as well against the U.S. dollar, as the pair is currently trading around the level of 0.8377 $, after reached its highest price at 0.8385 $ and lowest at 0.8354 $.

Heading to Europe, as Europe will witness the release of significant data today, where Germany will release the annual preliminary reading for the nation's GDP in the fourth-quarter, along with the country's exports and imports figures for the fourth quarter, also the United Kingdom will release the fourth-quarter preliminary reading for the nation's GDP along with the nation's exports and imports figures for the fourth quarter.