Optimized Transportation Management, Inc., a company focused on managing and supporting domestic and global warehouse operations and global supply chain strategies, recently announced that the company has begun the process of establishing its first warehousing operation in Florida. This new warehousing operation will add to the company’s suite of services that provide world-class visibility, information and supply chain controls to organizations.

The company’s business plan is to build a full-service supply chain logistics company. By developing a management system for midsized manufacturers and distributors, Optimized Transportation Management is able to provide transportation services that meet 100 percent of customers’ logistical needs.

“The addition of warehousing to the base of operations we provide our customers will move us one step closer to the goal management established at the outset of our business plan, which is to be a full-service supply chain logistics company,” stated Larry Berry, chief operating officer of Optimized Transportation Management. “This will move us toward being a one-stop shop for our customers.”