OPTIMIZERx Corp. announced that it has engaged Beringea LLC, an investment banking and private equity firm. Beringea will assist in financial planning and strategically positioning the company for continued growth.

“Beringea specializes in advising clients who are seeking to execute strategic transactions or find private financing,” stated David Lester, CEO, OPRIMIZERx. “As we continue to position OPTIMIZERx’s growth within the healthcare marketplace we look to Beringea to be a strategic advisory partner for both growth and financial stability.”

“Beringea’s transaction advisory team has a deep expertise in the healthcare sector and is excited to share OPTIMIZERx’s value proposition with the market,” commented David Eberly, Beringea’s senior managing director and co-founder. “OPTIMIZERx’s ability to simplify complex medical processes like prescription sampling administration and distribution represents real cost saving opportunities to the industry and makes it an attractive player in the healthcare IT space.”