Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. is an email services provider for on-demand e-mail marketing. The company also provides precision direct marketing solutions. These include email marketing, sms/mobile marketing, sms/keyword marketing, custom lead generation, and creative services. Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. trades on the OTC Bulletin Board and they have their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

Options Media Group designs custom email delivery solutions for companies that require more than a basic “cookie-cutter” delivery solution. The solutions they provide include a complete ASP solution, consultation services, and stand-alone software. The Company’s clients are industry leading email marketing firms and agencies. Through their subsidiary company, 1Touch Marketing, they deliver digital and direct marketing solutions for opt-in email, sms, postal, lead generation, video SEO, and social networking ads and banners.

The company has more than 100 industry-leading e-mail marketing firms, corporate brand advertisers, and agencies as clients under management. This represents over 120 million unique e-mail addresses. Options Media Group also reviews results and works with clients to optimize and fashion campaigns that are more effective.

Options Media Group’s complete ASP solution offers access to software, hardware, bandwidth, exclusive domains and IP addresses as well as the ability to upload and manage subscribers, review and upload campaign creatives, and track results. The Company provides consultation services for clients who require access to experts in marketing insight, strategy guidance, best practices, content writing, and creative design. The Company also provides in-house solutions, including installation, set up, maintenance of the necessary software platform, and platform management.

Today, Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. announced they closed the signing of an asset purchase agreement with H2O PM, Inc. Options Media Group purchased technology relating to Bluetooth advertising and mass SMS Text Messaging broadcast capabilities that allows for interactive SMS applications.

Bluetooth Proximity is a technology focused on the delivery of content to Bluetooth enabled devices. It allows top brands proximity-marketing capabilities. The platform delivers advertising and information content to mobile and PDA devices instantly. This is with zero transmission costs to both the sender and receiver. It creates a fixed cost solution for Options Media Group Holdings, Inc.’s clients.

Mr. Scott Frohman, CEO of Options Media Group, commented, “This acquisition allows us to continue building our technology suite and expand our client offerings to solidify our place as a market leader in the mobile advertising industry. Options Media will now have the capability to go back to some of our existing clientele, such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Wendy’s and Gerber Foods and offer our own proprietary additional mobile solutions.”