Options Media Group, Inc. has issued two press releases recently to announce that they are entering into the mobile and smart phone application market. The today’s press announced they are in advanced discussions with several of the largest companies in the wireless industry with regards to distribution of its anti-virus software for cell and smart phones and its new anti-texting while driving software. In a press release from April 20th, Options Media announced that they had closed on the acquisition for all of the assets of Phone Guard, the exclusive licensee for the United States and Canada of software which safeguards cells and smart phones from the risk posed by hackers and cyber criminals.

The Phone Guard system uses the latest technologies to protect phones from all mobile threats through a combination of a firewall system, real-time monitoring and scans. The latest feature of the Phone Guard systems addresses the ever-increasing issue of texting while driving. It is well documented that more and more states are incorporating anti-texting while driving laws due to the number of accidents that can result from texting while at the wheel. The “Mobile Anti-Text” application deactivates the keyboard eliminating the ability to text while driving. If a text is sent to the driver, the application will automatically respond with a message along the lines of “I am currently driving and will reply to your text in a few minutes.”

In response to the positive reaction that Options Media has received in their partnership quest to market their technologies, Scott Frohman, CEO of Options Media Group, was quoted in the most recent press release as stating, “We are very excited about the significant level of interest we are seeing from large retailers, wireless telecommunications carriers and security software vendors in our anti-virus software that is designed to protect cell and smartphone users from ever more sophisticated hackers and cyber criminals,” He further went on to say, “These potential distribution partners are already seeing demand build for this type of software and we believe they have relatively few high quality technology providers to fill this need. Over the coming weeks we hope to begin closing on some of these distribution agreements.”

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