A total of 12 block trades were executed during the market session Monday, at least 10,000 shares or more represent 1 block unit.

Block trading activity shows that $166,905,431 worth of shares were bought and $75,796,236 worth of shares were sold by institutional investors.

The positive net cash flow of $91,109,194 into the stock shows that investment houses have positive outlook for shares of SPDR Gold Shares.

A look into options trading shows that traders hedged their positions with options where 32,441 Put and 133,069 Call contracts exchanged hands leading to a 0.24 Put/Call Ratio. (PCR)

PCR is often regarded as a predictor of investment sentiment, indicating what experienced investors are doing in preparation for a move of an underlying equity.

A high PCR suggests that the investor sentiment is Bearish and that investors are expecting the underlying stock price to decrease.

A low PCR implies that the investor sentiment is Bullish and that investors are expecting the underlying stock price to increase. Thus, unusual volume provides reliable clues that the stock is expected to make a move.
Monday shares of SPDR Gold Shares edged down 0.11 (0.07%) to 157.43.

The price of the stock ranged between a low of 154.81 and 157.66 on the day.

Volume: 7-M shares is below the 90 day average volume of 10-M shares.

GLD is trading above its 50-Day Moving Average.

The stock's 52 wk low is 148.27 and 52 wk high is 185.85.

To date, the stock has lost -2.38% within the last Quarter.
Analysis Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (0.06) Neutral (0.16) Neutral (0.21) Neutral (-0.20)

Recent CandleStick Analysis Very Bearish
Date Candle
27 Jul 2012 DOJI
26 Jul 2012 DOJI
24 Jul 2012 Bearish Doji Star

Open Gaps
Direction Date Range
up 25 Jul 2012 153.8 to 155.05

Technical Indicators
Ind. short Inter Long
Fibs Bu Bu VBe
Highs Be VBe VBe
Lows VBu Bu VBe
Trends N N N
Stoch. VBu
VBu=Very Bullish, Bu=Bullish
Be=Bearish, VBe=Very Bearish

Paul A. Ebeling, Jnr.

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