What are Binary Options?

A Binary Option can be a stock (like Google), commodity (like Gold), currency (like Dollars) or index (like NASDAQ). A trade, regardless of the platform, is a simple decision between two possible outcomes. 'Yes' it will, 'No' it will not.

Can I Trade or is it too complicated?

Anyone can trade! And it only takes 3 clicks.

  • Click 1 - Choose your asset
  • Click 2 - Choose a direction
  • Click 3 - Enter your investment amount and TRADE!

Regardless of your experience Binary Options can be a phenomenal way to make extra income. Are you a novice? No problem. Our platform is not only simple to master, but also profitable and fun. Are you an experienced trader? No problem. Your skills and knowledge give you a great advantage. The more you trade the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you profit.

Who is OptionsClick?

www.optionsclick.com is the fastest growing and most secure binary options trading and investing platform available today. We offer more than 100 assets ranging from stocks and indices to currencies and commodities. The pricing and status of every asset and every trade is provided by real time live market data with no delays.

Unlike traditional investing which requires you to purchase, then sell an asset before you realize your profits, at OptionsClick, you have no need to own, buy or sell anything.

Profits are instantly deposited into your account at the close of every successful trade.

We never charge fees or commissions!

OptionsClick is suitable for traders of any level, and it takes only 3 clicks and as little as 15 minutes to profit up to 85% per trade during the week and up to 250% per trade one weekends!

Why OptionsClick?

Security - We offer state of the art security. Your money is safe, profits are deposited directly to your account instantly upon expiry of all successful trades, and you have full access to withdrawal money at any time.

Support - OptionsClick offers all traders 24/7 support via live chat, phone and email. All OptionsClick agents are industry professionals and can provide not only technical, but financial and industry related support. We also offer weekly market reviews and offer a 24/7 educational center.

Simplicity - OptionsClick offers 3 types of trade platforms.

  1. HIGH/LOW (will your asset expire HIGHER or LOWER?)
  1. ONE TOUCH (will your assets price TOUCH or NOT TOUCH a specific price?)
  1. RANGE (will your asset expire INSIDE or OUTSIDE a particular range?)

Simply select your asset, choose a position, enter amount of your investment and trade! It only takes 3 clicks and 15 minutes to realize a profit of up to 250%

VIP & Loyalty - We offer trading and investing programs and packages custom designed for you. Take advantage of your skills, strength, and experience level to maximize your profits.

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