Silver Wheaton options established a new 90-day record for traded Call and Put contracts on Tuesday.

A total of 16,038 Put and 40,526 Call contracts were traded raising a 0.40 Put/Call ratio (PCR) on shares of SLW

PCR is often used to measure investor sentiment, the ratio serves as a predictor of investor behavior.

A PCR ratio suggests that the investor sentiment is Bearish and that investors expect the underlying stock to decrease in value.

A low PCR suggests that the investor sentiment is Bullish and that the underlying stock is expected to increase in value.

Unusual volume provides reliable clues that the stock is expected to make a move.

Shares of SLW closed at 33.40 during Tuesday's session. During the session, the stock hit a low of 33.05 and high of 34.21.

Volume: 7-M is greater than the average 90 day volume of 4-M shares.

SLW is trading above its 50 and 200-Day Moving Average.

The technical momentum Relative Strength Index indicator shows overbought conditions.

The stock's 52 wk low is 22.94 and 52 wk high is 42.50.

LTN's 1 yr price target estimate: 48.26

Analyst Recommendation: Buy

Performance indicators show that the stock has gained 22.36% within the last month.

Analysis Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.25) Neutral (0.22) Bullish (0.31) Neutral (0.22)

Recent CandleStick Analysis Very Bearish
Date Candle
21 Aug 2012 Inverted Hammer

Open Gaps
Direction Date Range
up 21 Aug 2012 32.81 to 33.05
up 8 Aug 2012 28.80 to 28.89

Support and Resistance
Type Value Conf.
resist. 38.42 2
resist. 37.05 2
resist. 34.47 4
supp 32.38 14
supp 30.74 5
supp 28.61 12
supp 26.77 5
supp 25.37 6
supp 23.00 2

Technical Indicators
Ind. Short Inter Long
Fibs VBu Bu Bu
Highs Be VBe VBe
Lows Bu N N
Trends VBu N VBu
Stoch. VBu
VBu=Very Bullish, Bu=Bullish
Be=Bearish, VBe=Very Bearish

Paul A. Ebeling, Jnr.

Paul A. Ebeling, Jnr. writes and publishes The Red Roadmaster's Technical Report on the US Major Market Indices, a weekly, highly-regarded financial market letter, read by opinion makers, business leaders and organizations around the world.

Paul A. Ebeling, Jnr has studied the global financial and stock markets since 1984, following a successful business career that included investment banking, and market and business analysis. He is a specialist in equities/commodities, and an accomplished chart reader who advises technicians with regard to Major Indices Resistance/Support Levels.