“Orange is the New Black” released Season 2 in its entirety for Netflix to stream all 13 episodes on June 6. And finally we’ve feel as if enough time has passed where we can speak freely of what went down during the sophomore season starting with episode 1, “Thirsty Bird.” So, if you still haven’t made time for the ladies of Litchfield then stop reading now because this article contains enough spoilers to make you want to voluntarily go to the SHU if you’re not up to date with your “OITNB” knowledge.

Episode 1 began with a scene of Piper Chapman snoozing away in solitary confinement (due to her vicious encounter with Pennsatucky) – that is until a guard wakes her up and tells her she’s leaving her cell. But not before the two discuss Piper’s portrait of a Yellow Warbler sipping nectar from a dandelion, which Chapman made out of cooked egg yolks.

Piper is then forced to board a bus and a plane without being given any information of where she’s headed. To make matters worse, she had a painfully full bladder and extremely tight handcuffs. Finally Piper gets the opportunity to empty her tank after complying with the guards, then finds herself seated next to a group of unfamiliar women – one who happens to look like Ellen DeGeneres’ twin. During the long flight Piper ends up spilling what happened to the DeGeneres look-a-like about what she did to an inmate.

“I completely lost it… and I just went there,” she said as tears streamed down her cheeks.

After Piper’s meltdown, fans get some comic relief when a group of male prisoners board the plane. We loved the interaction between the groups, especially when the bunch of them try figuring out where they were headed like it was some kind of long car ride game you’d play with your siblings. As they flew over mountains one prisoner suggested they’re in the Midwest.

"Ain't no mountains in the Midwest, dumbass. There's plains and corn and a shit ton of white people who don't vote in their best interest,” an inmate responds. Turns out that the plane is headed to Chicago.

“But Piper hates deep dish,” both Larry and Polly said when they heard the news later on in the season.

Before landing, viewers are given a flashback of Piper’s childhood, which is filled with deceit and lots of smiling. It’s then we find out Piper’s father had cheated on her mom with another woman. Piper spotted her dad’s unfaithfulness when she was attempting to sneak into “Dazed and Confused.” But the only confusion she was left with was when her mother grounded her for going to an inappropriate film instead of responding to the fact her husband had cheated on her.

When “OITNB” returns to present time we learn that Piper is in Chicago to testify at the trial of Alex Vause’s drug dealer of a boss, Kubra, who got the duo behind bars in the first place. Yep, that meant Alex was paying the Windy City a visit, too. Maybe she feels different about thick crust.

The girls spot each other in the court but it’s not until Piper goes to Alex’s cell does she learn that her ex-girlfriend wants her to lie under oath. Alex pleads for Piper to say she’s never met Kubra but Piper is sick of being dishonest. Her father-in-law advises her not to deceive the court but when push comes to shove Piper lies her face off as Alex has requested. The only kicker is Alex ended up telling the truth when it was her time to stand in the spotlight. Needless to say, Piper was pretty upset as she watched her former lover walk out of the Chicago prison with her freedom.

Guess Piper will spend her remaining prison time training cockroaches that transport cigarettes and wishing she hadn’t listened to Alex… yet again.

What did you think of the premiere episode of “Orange is the New Black”? Were you surprised Alex betrayed Piper? Sound off in the comments section below and check back for more recaps of Season 2.