Packages containing unknown substances were sent to government buildings across Oregon Monday, according to state police. Three people, including a county sheriff who received one of the packages, were hospitalized, reported.

The packages were received at government buildings, including sheriff’s offices and courthouses, according to local media. Hazardous materials teams arrived at the scene and the FBI is reportedly assisting state police with the investigation.

“We do not anticipate issuing any updates this evening, but if the situation warrants, media will be contacted, ” the FBI said in a statement, according to

Oregon state police spokesman Lt. Bill Fugate reportedly said that three counties received the suspicious mail, and the packages were believed to have been delivered to about 20 locations. However, this could not be immediately confirmed.

Sgt. Bob Ray of Washington County told, a local news network, that the sheriff’s office received a letter written in bright colors. He reportedly said the message was difficult to understand and the letter had no return address. However, an organization's name was mentioned on the envelope, Ray said, without being specific.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in southwestern Oregon, which also received a package, was evacuated for nearly three hours, the Mail Tribune, a local daily, reported. The package was then handed over to federal officials.

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer in northwestern Oregon was taken to the emergency room at Blue Mountain Hospital on Monday evening after he opened a mail addressed to him. Palmer developed rashes after handling the envelope containing a white substance, according to the East Oregonian newspaper. He was later reportedly discharged from the hospital.