Oregon marijuana stores began selling marijuana to recreational users Thursday. Around 250 dispensaries across the state that were offering medical marijuana have begun selling to any customer above the age of 21, according to ABC News. Oregon reportedly became the third state after Washington and Colorado to start selling marijuana for recreational use.

Under Oregon law, pot purchases will be tax free until January, US news reported. Stores in the state are now said to be attracting customers with T-shirts, food trucks and live bands.

Oregon is a popular destination for medical marijuana and for marijuana which is available in the black market, according to US news. Marijuana companies have reportedly invested in huge warehouses, to grow the plant indoors. "We have kind of a seasonal growing market here in Oregon," Jeremy Pratt, owner of Nectar Cannabis, which has four stores in Portland, told US news. "We have lots of product in the fall, and then it kind of gets tight this time of year anyway," Pratt added.

According to ABC news, customers can buy seven grams of marijuana, which includes the dried flower and the leaf. Candies, cookies, oils and lotions with marijuana would be available to those who carry a medical marijuana card. 

Seven states in the United States are expected to vote in 2016 to legalize marijuana within their borders by either decriminalizing the possession of marijuana or making it legal. Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia have all legalized recreational use of marijuana.