width=300A lot has been said and written about organic foods and their impact on longevity of human life, but there is no definitive theory on whether all health conscious people out there needs to partake in it to sustain a healthy life. In other words, organic foods are good to have but are they a must have?

Organic food can be either fresh or processed with most of the developed countries like the United States, Japan, Canada, and Britain, having pre-defined certification standards for their production. So, in these countries, it is very much illegal to label a food item organic and not follow the guidelines.

At a generic level, an organic food refers to any food produced without use of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified hormones, while in the cases of processed organic food; the production process has to refrain from using artificial methods, material and conditions.

From a health perspective, not everyone have access to organic food, which currently accounts for only about two per cent of global food sale. So, if we feel the need to avoid the impact of chemical residues from pesticides, we have to cough up substantially higher cost for such farm produce.

However, opponents of the organic food claim that diet surveys have consistently found pesticide and herbicide residues in conventional food diets to be well below the acceptable daily intake levels. They also argue that governments all over the world consider conventional food safe.

Advocates of organic food also argue that these are tastier and more nutritious though conventional food producers claim that organic food can be more toxic at times. They say plants grown using organic farming techniques produce their own natural toxins to defend themselves against pests. In fact, they even argue that pesticides reduce natural defensive toxins of plants and make them safer for human consumption.

Critics have also argued that organic farms produce much less compared to conventional farms from the same farming area, a factor that would result in having to expand farm land and potentially destroy rainforests and demolish existing ecosystems.

So, if you really think that organic foods are a pre-requisite to good health, think again. A good diet supplemented by regular exercise will fetch the same results... that too without burning a large hole in your pocket.