The signature blue beach house featured in the now classic TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 which was inhabited by Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling, is for sale for approximately $9 million, according to a report by

The 2,900 square-foot, Hermosa Beach, Calif., house was the location of many parties, break-ups and fights in the television show. The house holds many memories for that group of friends, most notably it was the place Donna, played by Tori Spelling, first got intimate with her on-screen boyfriend David Silver, played by Brian Austin Green. David Silver lived in the house with the girls for some time during the show.

The six-bedroom house has been listed on the Hermosa Beach real estate market as the 90210 house, even though the residence is almost 20 miles away from that Beverly Hills zip code.

The house features three private terraces, a backyard, and an ocean view.