Fans of “Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” wanted a crossover … and they’re going to get one! The CW’s spinoff series will be welcoming its first “Vampire Diaries” character during an upcoming episode.

A potential crossover was hinted at during episode 5 of “The Vampire Diaries” on Thursday, Oct. 31. The episode, “Monster’s Ball,” welcomed Tyler Lockwood back to town, but the hybrid revealed to girlfriend Caroline that he wasn’t there to stay.

Between Klaus killing his mom and banishing him from town, Tyler seeks revenge against the original vampire – even if it means sacrificing his relationship with Caroline. The blonde vampire warned Tyler that if he leaves, it’s over. And while Tyler looked broken up about ending his romance with Caroline, he can’t love her with his obsession to destroy Klaus eating away at him.

“Vampire Diaries” fans speculated that Tyler could be leaving Mystic Falls for New Orleans, and their theories were confirmed by Entertainment Weekly. Actor Michael Trevino confirmed to the site that his character will be visiting “The Originals” in the Big Easy “sometime soon.”

EW can’t confirm an exact episode or if the move will be permanent or an arc, but one thing that fans have to consider is that Tyler doesn’t know about Hayley’s pregnancy.

“Vampire Diaries” viewers will remember that Hayley was the one who helped Tyler break his sire bond to Klaus last season. She traveled back to Mystic Falls with Tyler as a way to gain more information about her birth parents – werewolves. Along the way she  put some strain on Caroline and Tyler’s romance, leading to some sweet Klaroline moments. However, she ended up getting drunk and sleeping with Klaus one night, resulting in “The Originals” storyline of a hybrid baby.

Tyler’s move has left fans with a string of questions, including: Will Hayley be enough for Tyler to end his hatred for Klaus? Will Tyler put Hayley and the baby’s life in danger as a way to exact revenge against Klaus? Will Caroline visit New Orleans to stop Tyler? Will Caroline call Klaus and beg him to pardon Tyler one more time?

“I just want to say that everything will be explained, and I think Tyler will be good once he shows up to ‘The Originals,’” Trevino told EW. “I think everybody will be happy with Tyler’s reasoning when they see what he’s been up to and what he has planned.”

What are your thoughts on the “Vampire Diaries”/“The Originals” crossover? Do you still have hope for Klaroline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.