“The Originals” giveth, and “The Originals” taketh away. After introducing fans to evil Aunt Dahlia (Claudia Black) in last night’s episode of the hit CW series, fans will have to wait until April 6 to see if Esther’s soul-sucking sister will finally come face-to-face with her nieces, nephews and little baby Hope in episode 17 titled “Exquisite Corpse.”

That’s right, “The Originals” is going on a TV version of spring break, which means audiences will be forced to sit on the edges of their seats until the vampire drama returns. But we do have some juicy scoop on the upcoming installment that you can certainly sink you teeth into. According to the promo video of “Exquisite Corpse,” the terrifying witch Eva Sinclair will be wreaking havoc on New Orleans in the forthcoming installment.

In episode 16 fans learned the horrifying truth about Eva, who also happens to be Vincent’s (Yusuf Gatewood) wife. She is a witch that went rogue, killing and kidnapping children throughout the city with the hopes of inhaling their powers -- and she also happens to be the vessel that Rebekah (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) is inhabiting.

In the last episode of “The Originals,” it was revealed that Eva found a way to take back control of her body, which allowed her to go on a murder spree. However, it was Rebekah who faced the wrath of an angry mob for the missing/dead kids. But according to the trailer for episode 17, that will be the least of Rebekah’s worries in the upcoming installment.

“Eva Sinclair has resumed control of her body, leaving Rebekah trapped,” Klaus (Joseph Morgan) relays the bad news to his siblings. Freya (Riley Voelkel) then chimes in that if Eva is killed before Rebekah’s soul is freed, then “Rebekah will be gone forever.”

It will be a daunting task to keep Eva alive, especially because so many want the evil witch dead.

“The Originals” will return with episode 17, “Exquisite Corpse,” on Monday, April 6 at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.