Everyone’s favorite aunt will be returning to the hit CW series “The Originals” when Season 2 airs its premiere episode, “Rebirth,” on Monday, Oct. 6. That’s right! According to reports, Claire Holt will be dusting off her fangs to make her sophomore season debut as Rebekah.

Out of the 22 episodes of Season 2, Holt’s character will appear in five of them -- one being the premiere. Why so little you may wonder? Well, according to the actress she’s a bit homesick, which is what sparked her desire for a hiatus from the series.

In addition to missing Australia, another reason for Holt’s limited appearance on “The Originals” may have something to do with her new gig on NBC. The actress was cast as a series regular in the upcoming drama “Aquarius,” which stars David Duchovny as an undercover cop trying to track down the infamous killer Charles Manson. Holt will be portraying the role of Chairmain Tully, a beautiful police officer who attempts to be taken seriously by the male-dominated LAPD in 1967.

According to Holt, her absence from "The Originals" will only be short-term. "I am simply looking at this as a temporary absence," she spoke of her time off from The CW series at San Diego Comic-Con. But never fear! Fans will get their Rebekah-fill when the new season kicks off. During SDCC, “The Originals” released a promo video that revealed Holt’s character will be spending her days taking care of little Hope when episode 1 of Season 2 airs.

As we all so vividly remember Klaus and Hayley faked the death of their newborn daughter during the Season 1 finale. Wouldn’t you if your child had a coven of witches craving her death?

“She has inherited all of our enemies with none of our defenses,” Klaus said in “From Cradle to a Grave.” That’s when the parents decide to hand over their baby to the one person they could depend on to keep her safe: Rebekah.

“She’ll get a white fence. It’ll be lovely,” Rebekah said during the finale, making her valiant return after disappearing from the series.

“There is no one I would trust more with my daughter’s life,” Klaus revealed to his sister. “Be happy.” He then looked over to his daughter and made the promise that she would one day return to him.

In the Season 2 trailer for “The Originals” fans watch the opening scene as Rebekah holds little Hope telling her the story of an honorable king whose only desire is to keep his princess safe. That’s why he’s forced to cast his daughter away when evil villains creep into their kingdom.

Are you excited to see Aunt Rebekah return to “The Originals” this fall? Sound off with your theories on her character in the comments section below.