“The Originals” will be back for more dark and sexy drama when Season 2 of the hit CW series airs its premiere on Monday, Oct. 6. And we’ve got some supernatural scoop on the coming season that you’ll surely want to sink your teeth and claws into.

While we're on the subject of hybrids, reports have indicated the new season of “The Originals” will come bearing some pesky problems for Klaus when his conniving mother, Esther, and devious stepfather, Mikael, make their dramatic debut in Season 2.

As the Season 1 finale revealed, Mikael was brought back (thanks to Davina’s magic) to assist the powerful witch in seeking vengeance against Klaus. Let’s just say Davina has Mikael wrapped around her spell-binding finger to use whenever she wants until the task of taking down Klaus is complete. Esther also made an appearance in the final episode of Season 1 (in someone else’s body) on her mission to seek the blood of her newborn granddaughter, Hope. And you thought your family had drama!

TVLine revealed that not only will the duo wreak havoc for Klaus and his family when “The Originals” returns, but Esther and Mikael will also be causing chaos for one another during the second installment.

“We know about their marriage, and we know that they made their kids into vampires, but do they like each other?” executive producer Julie Plec teased fans with a Season 2 spoiler. “Do they hate each other? We’re having so much fun writing the history of Esther and Mikael right now.” 

Does that mean fans can expect some “Originals” flashbacks? We sure hope so, considering Esther and Mikael have a very interesting and complicated past.

They were both born in the Middle Ages of Europe where they were married with a son – that is, until he died when a plague broke out and spread throughout their village. The two decided to pack up and move to the New World, where they thought they could live away from diseases, to start a family. It turns out that land was overrun with werewolves -- one of which Esther had a secret affair with.

After Esther’s youngest son, Henrik, was killed by a werewolf, she and Mikael decided to turn the rest of their children into immortal creatures – thus becoming the “original vampires.” But little did Mikael know that one of his children would actually become a hybrid. Klaus revealed to his stepfather the “abomination” he was when he turned into a werewolf/vampire – proving Esther’s infidelity. This sparked an even uglier rage within Mikael than we've previously seen. Not only did he force Esther to keep Klaus’ werewolf side dormant with a spell, but he also sought retribution by killing Klaus’ biological father along with the rest of his werewolf clan.

No wonder Esther and Mikael are at odds!

"The Originals" returns on Monday, Oct. 6, at 8 p.m. EDT. How do you think Esther and Mikael will act with one another during Season 2? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories.