If you thought the Mikaelson family tree couldn’t get any more twisted -- think again! “The Originals” proved just how warped the supernatural clan was when the hit CW series returned for more bloody drama with the airing of episode 17, “Exquisite Corpse.”

In tonight’s installment, fans learned the truth behind Freya’s (Riley Voelkel) mysterious character: Was she a pawn in Dahlia’s (Claudia Black) plan to extract information regarding baby Hope’s whereabouts? Or was Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) long, lost sister genuinely hoping to rejoin her siblings with the hopes of putting an end to their evil aunt? Well, the answer was a bit surprising as it turned out to be a little bit of both.

Not only is Freya interested in killing Dahlia with the help of her brothers and sister, but she’s also not to be trusted like Klaus has repeatedly stated since Esther’s eldest child first came into the picture. But before we divulge anymore into Freya’s shocking story line, let’s discuss the main event of the night: Rebekah’s (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) fate.

When we last saw Rebekah, her soul was trapped deep down inside of Eva Sinclair, the evil witch who made a name for herself in New Orleans as a murderer. Eva was known for killing magical protégés before sucking them dry of their powers in order to become the most powerful witch of them all. However, her goal required the life of one more soul -- and Eva was looking at snatching the innocence from little Hope.

But before Eva could whisk Hope away, both Klaus and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) stepped in. That’s when Klaus knew he had to free his sister’s soul from the monster of a vessel she was inhabiting. But to do that, he needed some help. So, Klaus looked to Freya, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Eva’s husband, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), to free his dear sister.

Freya broke the news that if Eva was killed before Rebekah’s soul was freed then Rebekah would be lost forever. So, Klaus begged his allegedly powerful sister to intervene. But according to Freya, she didn’t have the knowledge to perform such an intense spell. Klaus, however, did know someone who knew how to cast something of this stature: his mother. And as you can imagine, the mother/daughter reunion didn’t go very well. Freya was not too pleased to see the woman who had abandoned her many years ago as the result of a fertility deal. The feeling seemed to be mutual as Esther warned Klaus not to trust Freya, claiming she remained loyal to Dahlia.

But, ultimately, Klaus decided that saving the life of Rebekah took precedence over his fear of betrayal. “We’re not finished you and I, but for right now save my sister,” he said before joining Freya and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) as a third energy source in their mission to save Rebekah.

Eventually Vincent and Marcel were able to find Rebekah’s soul (which appeared in the form of child) and put an end to Eva and her evil ways. They were also able to save all the young witches and warlocks who Eva had been feeding off of for years, including Davina (Danielle Campbell).

Although Rebekah was finally free from Eva’s clutches, she decided that she wasn’t quite ready to leave her current vessel considering she was still linked to the youngsters who would end up dying if she transferred her soul into her original body. Besides, how else could she keep her promise to Kol (Daniel Sharman) of resurrecting his soul if she returned to life as a vampire?

Rebekah may have survived episode 17 of “The Originals” but unfortunately one Mikaelson didn’t make it out of “Exquisite Corpse” alive. After saving Rebekah, Freya paid her mother a visit once again to reveal that she had gained access to Klaus’ mind when she channeled him during the spell to save Rebekah. While in his head, she had learned that Klaus would never trust her, and because of that she would have to turn family members against him -- "one by one."

“Why are you telling me this?” Esther questioned.

“Because you won’t be around to see it,” she said before killing her mother.

Other Major Moments From Episode 17 Of “The Originals”:

1. Hayley Had Her Fortune Read

While paying Josephine (Meg Foster) a visit in regard to learning how to save Rebekah, Hayley was told a startling revelation about her future, involving Dahlia.

“When I see into your future there is a blackness that should terrify you,” Josephine warned Hope’s mother.

2. Vincent The White Witch

Vincent proved just how courageous he was when he tricked Eva into thinking he was on her side. (This involved tossing Marcel through a wall.) He needed to gain her trust if he wanted her to bring him to the area where she was storing the bodies of the missing children in order to save them.

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