Located in Los Angeles, California, OriginOil has earned a stellar reputation in their industry by developing breakthrough technology that may transform algae into a true competitor to petroleum. Today, OriginOil took a major step towards prominence when it was announced that CEO Riggs Eckelberry was named to the Advisory Board of the National Algae Association (NAA).

The NAA’s mission is to fast track commercialization of algae as an alternative fuel to reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil while creating jobs for U.S. citizens. Being named to the NAA is an honor within the industry and having Eckelberry representing OriginOil displays the respect already earned by the young company.

Barry Cohen serves as the Executive Director of the NAA. When asked what the addition of Eckelberry will mean to the NAA, Cohen stated, “In order to maintain integrity in this rapidly developing industry, it is extremely beneficial to have diverse talents and deep experience of this board to assist us in bringing the most relevant, accurate and unbiased information to the industry. “Riggs’ leadership of OriginOil will provide valuable insight as we move towards commercialization.”

When asked about accepting this appointment, Eckelberry stated, “We have participated in NAA conferences since the inception of the Association. NAA’s focus is on fast-tracking commercialization of algae and it provides its ‘algaepreneurs’ a platform to announce new developments. The friendly, collaborative atmosphere has helped OriginOil to grow and provide leadership to this emerging industry. It is an honor and pleasure to work with NAA at this level.”

Currently, OriginOil is trading in the $0.19 range. With Eckelberry at the helm and the potential of both OriginOil and the NAA to change the industry, this young company is one worth keeping an eye on.

To learn more about OriginOil, visit the company website at: www.originoil.com