OriginOil, Inc., developers of proprietary technology for manufacturing Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) on an industrial scale using algae (as well as a remaining biomass which can be gasified), today disclosed details about the entire systems architecture of this revolutionary new process which could replace dependence on fossil fuels.

CEO of OOIL Riggs Eckelberry, speaking before an assembled crowd including core investors, press, and influential celebrities, spoke with pride about the hard work of the Company’s team in refining the technologies involved to create “a complete pilot system”.

Eckelberry noted how crucial it was to have migrated from R&D to the commercialization phase, saying that it was an “historic milestone” for the Company. Primetime coverage of the speech by KABC-TV Channel 7, as well as Reuter’s newswire, helped to get the word out even before video and photos of the event were uploaded to Vimeo and Picasa, the popular online video and image aggregators.

Also displayed at the event was OOIL’s Live Extraction system, designed specifically to maximize yields by harvesting the oil without degrading or destroying the culture, as well as a bioreactor prototype designed to handle wastewater.

Eckelberry emphasized the benefits of this revolutionary new technological process and the systems architecture that the Company has developed by pointing out that this technology, “unlike today’s centralized energy systems”, will be highly localized and portable, going anywhere there is CO2 – a portability which clearly showcases the additional potential for carbon footprint reduction.

Eckelberry went on to say that such algae systems make a natural addition to breweries, factories and wastewater plants, or to any other site which generates copious amounts of CO2, leading to a “highly distributed energy production model” that will deliver jobs while helping to ease the environmental impact of many other industries.

The system developed by OOIL has, as its core component, 200-gallon tanks with a low-speed, continually rotated spindle of sequentially arranged LED light sticks; a design which offers individual configurability for a variety of strains, lighting distribution, and growth strategy.

An integrated extraction system which utilizes ultrasound and low-power electromagnetic pulsing is responsible for harvesting developed cultures, and a video detailing this part of the process is available at OOIL’s corporate website.

With a 5 gallon per minute capacity, the new Live Extraction system easily manages the output of the tank units, feeding into settling tanks where biomass and oil are separated passively before the waste water is recycled for re-use within the system.

A proprietary Dynamic Control System optimizes the growth phase by feeding CO2 and other trace nutrients into the culture judiciously.