OriginOil has developed breakthrough technology for the transformation of algae into oil which can be utilized for many products such as diesel, gasoline and plastics. Today, the young Los Angeles, California Company announced it has filed an International Patent Application which relates to their Single-Step Extraction system.

This is the fifth patent pending for OriginOil and with this application the company seeks worldwide protection for its technology to improve the efficiency of algae oil extraction. The application is entitled “Systems, Apparatus and Methods for Obtaining Intracellular Products and Cellular Mass and Debris from Algae and Derivative Produces and Process of Use Thereof.”

OriginOil’s Single Step Extraction system is classified as aqueous or wet extraction and offers substantial potential energy and equipment reductions. A chart has been developed by Desmet Ballestra, an industry leader and partner to the young company, which illustrates the relationship of aqueous extraction to the conventional processed.

Leading the way at OriginOil is Riggs Eckelberry who serves as the company’s CEO. Eckelberry was quoted as saying, “International markets will be critical to the development and commercialization of algae production technologies. Our Single-Step Extraction System represents a major advance in the all-important process of harvesting algae. In the past year, we have improved the efficiency of our process in recovering valuable oil and biomass, eliminating many of the capital costs and energy requirements associated with conventional systems. This further protection of our intellectual property will allow us to pursue international opportunities, thereby facilitating the growth of the global algae industry.”

Currently, OriginOil is trading in the $0.24 range. With the filing of this International patent and an array of ideas on how to utilize algae, OriginOil may present a valuable option to investors across the globe. To learn more about this up-and-coming company, visit their website at www.originoil.com.