In a will written three months after the September 11 US attacks, Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden apologized to his wives and children for neglecting them throughout their lives.

You, my children, I apologize for giving you so little of my time because I responded to the need for Jihad, says the four-page document, dated 14 December, 2011. The will, which gives clear instructions to his four wives not to get married, was published in a Kuwaiti newspaper. Osama advises his 24 children to refrain from following his footsteps and not to be a part of the global militant Islamist movement which he started.

The Huffington Post reports that the document is largely devoted to justifying Bin Laden's efforts to destroy America and Israel. There is no mention of passing on his possessions or assets, despite the fact that Bin Laden was at one point believed to have a personal fortune worth tens of millions of dollars.

The document, signed Your brother Abu Abdullah Osama Muhammad Bin Laden however, does not provide any details about the exact valuation of his possessions.