The 2016 Academy Awards are almost here. Many people celebrate the annual awards show by turning it into some sort of game, and one of the popular games to play during the Oscars — and one of the most fun — is Bingo. The game will force you to watch each moment of the ceremony and could leave you with bragging rights by the time it ends.

You can use a Bingo board like this pre-made one from Vanity Fair, or you can create your own printable card using this blank chart here. Fill out the board using funny original boxes or by writing in some of the ones below. The winner is declared when the first person gets five boxes in a row either across, up or down or diagonally.

  1. "The Revenant" wins an award
  2. Chris Rock makes a joke about the show's lack of diversity
  3. A winner thanks their spouse
  4. Music cuts off winner during acceptance speech
  5. A superhero film is brought up
  6. Lady Gaga does something weird during her performance
  7. The bear fight from "The Revenant" is mentioned
  8. Winner cries during acceptance speech
  9. Someone curses
  10. Presenter messes up
  11. Winner thanks God during acceptance speech
  12. Alejandro G. Iñárritu wins multiple awards again
  13. Chris Rock insults someone
  14. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are mentioned
  15. Leonardo DiCaprio shows up with facial hair
  16. Someone has a wardrobe malfunction
  17. Presenter struggles with winner envelope
  18. Leonardo DiCaprio smokes his e-cigarette
  19. Twitter is mentioned
  20. Kate Winslet is shown if DiCaprio wins Best Actor
  21. Jennifer Lawrence is shown laughing on camera
  22. The Oscar boycotts are mentioned
  23. The same film wins Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress
  24. Chris Rock talks about the last time he hosted

Oscar Bingo Card Print out this blank Oscar Bingo Card and fill it in before the 88th Academy Awards. Photo: IBT

The 88th Academy Awards airs on ABC Sunday, Feb. 28, at 8:30 p.m. EST. What would you add to your Bingo game? Sound off in the comments section below with your examples!