Convicted Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius was set to be released from prison Friday and begin house arrest -- in style. Pistorius, a famous amputee sprinter who has served 10 months of a five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend, was due to spend the remainder of his punishment in "custodial supervision." In his case, that means he'll live in a three-story manor in Pretoria, South Africa. 

Pistorius will live in a wealthy suburban house belonging to his uncle Arnold. The manor is rumored to have 24 bedrooms, a pool and a private gym, among other amenities. Instead of house arrest, "it's more like mansion arrest," a local security guard identified only as Christopher told Reuters.

Pistorius was found guilty last September of culpable homicide for fatally shooting his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp, the night of Valentine's Day 2013. Pistorius told police he woke up and fired his gun because he thought there was an intruder in his home, but Steenkamp's family argued his actions were not accidental.

After an emotional and lengthy trial, the runner was sentenced to five years in prison. He also received a three-year sentence for a separate incident involving a firearm, but that was suspended.

By law, Pistorius had to serve one-sixth of his time before requesting correctional supervision, and that turned out to be 10 months, CNN reported. The Steenkamp family wrote a letter to the parole board discouraging his release. "Incarceration of 10 months for taking a life is simply not enough," they said. "We have forgiven Mr. Pistorius even though he took the life of our precious daughter, Reeva. ... We do not seek to avenge her death and we do not want Mr. Pistorius to suffer; that will not bring her back to us. However, a person found guilty of a crime must be held accountable for their actions."

While on house arrest, Pistorius will likely be allowed to continue track training  and serve his community service. But his case isn't over. In November, the Supreme Court of Appeal will hear prosecutors' request to overturn the culpable homicide ruling and instead convict Pistorius for murder, the Associated Press reported.