Will wearing a Giorgio Armani dress help an Oscar-nominated actress actually win the statue? The folks at Lyst think so. They had a team of data scientists analyze the outfits worn by every best actress winner at the Oscars in the last 80 years and came up with a mathematical formula that calculates the probability that a look will be a winning one.

They call it “Oscars Fashematics" -- a "mathematically true formula that calculates the probability that a look will be Oscar-winning, and also the luckiest combination" -- and it factors in not only designers but also jewelry, hairstyle and dress style.

The winningest combination, according to the Fashematicians, is an actress in a long, black, sleeveless chiffon gown designed by either Giorgio Armani (No. 1) or Christian Dior (No. 2), accessorized by Chopard or Fred Leighton jewelry, and topped off with a "Hollywood wave" or up-do hairstyle.

Valentino, Prada and Tadashi Shoji came in third, fourth and fifth places, reespectively, as the designers that can help actresses gain a competitive edge.

Lyst’s data crunchers didn’t stop there. Their Oscars voodoo extended to the dress color and the luckiest letter for a Best Actress contender's first name -- it's J, as in Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts, Jane Fonda and Julie Christie. Hey, Julianne Moore, you might want to consider a black Armani gown Sunday night.

Lyst Fashematics- part 1 The "Fashematics" breakdown. Photo: Lyst.com