“Outcast” season 2 will feature three new cast members.

M.C. Gainey, Madelyn Deutch and Hoon Lee have joined the Cinemax show, according to Deadline. Gainey will play Bob, a hermit who has secret ties with Rome's dark past. Deutch will play Dakota, who practices Christianity progressively. Lee will play Dr. Kenneth Park, a surgeon who has a secret plan against Kyle (Patrick Fugit).

Before fans can meet the new characters, they will first witness the show's most violent episode to date. The trailer for the first season finale, titled “This Little Light,” shows a showdown that fans have been waiting for, according to TVLine. Kyle and Sidney (Brent Spiner) will finally go head-to-head. Sidney will try to convince Kyle that it's too late to put up a fight, but Kyle is determined to succeed.

Apart from the fight, the upcoming episode will also have Kyle and Anderson (Philip Glenister) searching for “an unexpected perpetrator” in Rome. While the character is still generally a mystery, Sidney, also known as the Devil, will explain the intentions behind his actions.

The upcoming episode will be filled with answers. Fans will be satisfied, but there are still more stories to explore in the upcoming season, according to series creator Robert Kirkman.

Kirkman, who also created "The Walking Dead," also teased that while the series will still be similar to the comics on which it is based, the show will take different a route in telling the story. The producer also said that there might be characters on the show who are not in the source material.

“There's a lot of room to build up characters that don't necessarily have as much to do in the comic, and there's a lot of paths we can diverge on along the way,” Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly.

The producer added: “When you look at where the comic ends up and where the show ends up, they're gonna be on a fairly similar path but there's gonna be a lot of differences along the way.”

There has been no news about “Outcast” season 2's official premiere date on Cinemax and Fox. The Season 1 finale will air Aug. 12 at 10 p.m. on Cinemax.