Caitriona Balfe used to travel around the world as a successful model before getting a role in the Starz TV network's “Outlander” series. The actress recently spoke about the increasing popularity of the show and what it means for her. Meanwhile, another report teased what’s in store in the season finale episode.

Balfe plays Claire, a character from the 1940s traveling back to 1740s Scotland. Speaking to the Herald, the actress looked back at her modeling career and explained that it didn't really interest her. Although she had an “incredible time” in her previous career, and got to “travel the world,” it wasn’t what she had wanted to do. "After a while, that gets really old," she said.

Balfe now has an acting career in Hollywood, thanks to the TV series. The actress said she did not know about the books written by Diana Gabaldon, on which the TV series is based. But she said the books are popular in the United States and are becoming popular in other countries, including her native Ireland.

The actress recently finished shooting for the movie “Money Monster,” starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, in which she plays the CEO of an investment bank. Balfe is currently back in Scotland, filming Season 2 of “Outlander.”

The final episode of Season 1 is set to air Saturday and fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens next. The graphic scenes in the previous episode made it difficult for some fans to watch, but there is apparently some good news in the finale episode. [Spoiler alert]

According to a report by E! Online website, “the worst is yet to come” in the “Outlander” Season 1 finale. But, the episode is said to end “on a positive note” and help set up the next season. Some of the scenes are apparently “too much” and the report warns fans to prepare their “cry buckets” and be ready to “look away” during some scenes.