“Outlander” cast members Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe answered what were said to be the most searched questions about the two actors. Meanwhile, the DVD, Blu-ray and the collector’s edition of the first season of the show will be released in September.

Speaking with Kristin Dos Santos of EOnline, the two cast members answered a few questions that pop up when searching for their names on Google. The questions focused on the relationship status of the two actors and about their siblings.

Balfe (Claire) was asked if she has a sister, and both cast members confirmed that she does. The actress also revealed that her name is derived from the word “pure.” She stays in Glasgow, Scotland, is unmarried and has a cat back at her home.

Heughan (Jamie Fraser) was asked whether he was left-handed and if he was Catholic; the actor said “no” to both questions. One question that the actor apparently gets asked often is whether he is related to Roger Moore, and Heughan said Moore played his father once, but they are not related. The actor also revealed that he has a brother.

The actor was disappointed with the questions that were coming up in the search engine and had expected them to be a little more “salacious.” But Heughan refused to answer a question about whether or not he was single.

The producers will be releasing the DVDs, Blu-ray and the collector’s edition of “Outlander” TV series Season 1 part 2 on Sept. 29. According to a report by TVShowsOnDVD, a press release by the producers states that the collector’s edition will include “3D art, a 32 page book with photographs, excerpts from the script and an introduction from producer Ronald D. Moore.”

The 16 episodes of the “Outlander” Season 1 were split into two parts with eight episodes in each part. The first part of the season focused on how Claire, a military nurse from 1945, traveled back in time to 1740s Scotland and how she adjusted to her new life there. The second part focused on the relationship between Claire and Jamie.