Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan apparently had some difficulty in adjusting to the sets of “Outlander” Season 2. The first Season of the show was based entirely in Scotland and now the story will take the characters to France.

Speaking to Blastr about their characters traveling to a new country, Balfe said the cast members had some “discomfort in the transition.” The actress explained they had gotten used to working in Scottish sets and a change to the French setting was difficult. "Everything was very muted with the wools. Now all of a sudden we're in these luxurious apartments and grand houses," the actress said.

Apart from the changes in the physical sets, the main characters are also in a different place emotionally. Claire [Balfe] is pregnant and Jamie [Heughan] has to deal with the lasting emotional scar after the events of the finale episode of the first season.

Heughan revealed his character will be seen as a “very charming” businessman in “Outlander” Season 2, but this will only be a mask he wears in public. Jamie will remove this mask at night when he is home with his wife.

Balfe said her character will be focused on finding ways to help Jamie deal with his past, and one idea she has to do this is to encourage him to focus on the goal to change history and try to stop the Battle of Culloden. The actress revealed the two characters are in a “very complicated time” in their relationship and it will be “beautiful to watch” how they explore ways to support one another.

Starz has been planning to release all the episodes at once for some of its TV shows, but “Outlander” will not be one of them. E Online reported CEO Starz Chris Albrecht confirmed if they decided to release all episodes of the show at once, they would have to push the release date.

Albrecht explained each episode of “Outlander” takes a long time to film and the producers are “already pushing the time constraints” for Season 2. He confirmed the show will continue to be released one episode at a time for the time being.