Starz released two clips for “Outlander” Season 1 episode 2, titled “Castle Leoch.” The sneak peeks give audiences a look into Claire’s adjustment to life in 18th century Scotland -- and from what we saw, it seems her new life is going to involve a lot of lying and violence. Check out the sneak peeks below.

Sneak Peek 1:

Jamie is proving to be quite the dashing hero. He offers to take a girl’s punishment in what looks like some sort of trial. It isn’t clear why she is being punished, but Jamie believes it to be unfair. He stands before a crowd while the Laird decides if Jamie can "volunteer as tribute" so to speak.

Claire can’t understand what’s going on because the discussions are all in Scottish Gaelic. Her new friend Geillis Duncan gives Claire the abbreviated version of what’s happening. The Laird is going to allow Jamie to take the girl’s punishments. He opts to be beaten with fists instead of a strap.

Jamie is still recovering from his dislocated shoulder and gunshot wound. Claire tells Geillis that he isn’t healed yet, which Geillis responds with a shrug. It looks as if Jamie’s chivalrous side is no surprise to her.

The Scottish heartthrob reveals to be quite confident when he requests fists. However a friend tells him, “Watch yourself, lad. Your uncle is up to something.”

Check out the clip:

Sneak Peek 2

Claire knows that telling people she time traveled is crazy. They will either regard her as mentally unstable or decide that she is a witch. So, Claire makes up a story. The tale explains that she was travelling with a servant to France when they were attacked. She ran but Captain Jack Randall found her in the woods. He tried to rape her and that’s why she wasn’t wearing any clothing (Claire was wearing a very stylish dress from the 1940s, but it certainly wasn’t enough material for the 18th century).

Master MacKenzie speaking to her doesn’t seem to understand why Captain Randall would rape her. “You’re saying that a man wearing the King’s Commission decided to rape a stray lady traveling alone in the woods for no good reason?” he asks.

“Is there ever a good reason for rape, Master MacKenzie?”

Watch the clip below:

“Outlander” Season 1 episode 2 airs on Saturday, August 14 at 9 p.m. EDT on Starz. Why do you think Jamie is putting himself in harm’s way? Is it chivalry or is it about something else? Sound off in the comments section!