Pictures of “Outlander” Season 2 give a first look at some of the production set pieces of the TV series. A video showing some of the scenes in the next Season has also surfaced online, giving the fans a glimpse of the some of the new cast members in their costume.

A set of pictures on the Russian social media website VK, posted by a user who goes by the name of Captain Nemo, shows some of the set pieces of the next Season. The pictures show a room with a fireplace, a table and wall decorated with gold color along with a gold-colored chandelier.

A video of some of the scenes from the next Season has also surfaced on the YouTube account Dawn. The video shows Sam Heughan [Jamie] and Caitriona Balfe [Claire] in their new costume and meeting new characters. Jamie apparently tells his wife in one of the scenes that life is “never dull” with her by his side.

Previously released official photos of the “Outlander” Season 2 on EntertainmentWeekly show that the TV series will showcase the rich lifestyle of France, in comparison to the challenging environment in Scotland that Claire had to endure. Executive producer Ronald D. Moore had revealed at the time that the building interiors of Paris on the show were built in the sound stages of the studio in Scotland, and for the exterior shots the production crew will be traveling to Prague.

Moore had revealed that the next Season will look “completely different” because they were not using any of the sets or set pieces from the first Season. The producer said that the art department had to build a new apartment for Jamie and Claire to live in. He further added that carriages, servants with livery, new props and furniture will be featured on the show next year.

As the story moves to France, the main characters will mostly find themselves in an “urban setting,” Moore said. Some of the cast members will be seen wearing jewelry. Given that the windows in the Paris set will allow more light to come in compared to the castles in Scotland, Moore said that the viewers can expect “more sparkle” in “Outlander” Season 2.