Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are currently filming scenes for “Outlander” Season 2 at Dysart Harbor in Scotland. Some of the images from the set have leaked online, giving the fans a glimpse of the costumes the characters will be seen wearing.


Heughan and Balfe will be reprising their roles as Jamie and Claire in the next season. This photo posted on Twitter shows the actress wearing a long brown dress while filming a scene. The fan who posted the picture declared the dress “absolutely gorgeous.”

The story is set to continue in France, but the production will not be going there to film. Executive producer Ron Moore previously revealed in this tweet that the crew will film scenes for the next season at locations in Scotland, the south of England and in Prague.

This photo posted on Twitter by Ross Murray shows Heughan in his costume waving at the fans. His left hand is still bandaged after the torture Jamie endured at the hands of Jack Randall in the previous season. The boat he used to escape from Scotland to France may be seen in these photos posted by Davie Anderson. The location of Dysart Harbor may serve as a French port in “Outlander” Season 2.

One of the characters from Scotland who will apparently join Jamie and Claire in France is Murtagh Fraser, played by Duncan Lacroix. These photos from the set, posted by an account with the Twitter handle OutlanderEnEspanol, show Lacroix filming a scene with his fellow cast members.

Some of the leaked photos also show extras who will be playing the citizens of France, and their costumes can also be seen. The tone of the TV series will change from when the main characters were still in Scotland.

“Outlander” Season 2 will partly be based in France and later the main characters will return to Scotland. Moore revealed in this tweet that some fan-favorite characters in Scotland will be seen again when the story returns there.