“Outlander” Season 2 filming has “almost finished,” said cast member Sam Heughan in a recent interview. Meanwhile, fellow cast member Steven Cree confirmed his return and talked about the expanded role for his character.

The show's location has shifted to France, with the lead characters leaving Scotland. Speaking to The Wrap about the filming for Season 2, Heughan said that they were shooting the first three episodes simultaneously and that they are “almost finished” with the filming.

The actor teased that there were a few “crazy new characters” in the next season. Heughan said that the plot mainly involves Jamie [Heughan] and Claire [Caitriona Balfe] attempting to stop the battle of Cullodon, which could mark the “end of the Highland culture.” The actor said that the French court will be featured in the TV series and that the show “looks magnificent.”

Heughan said that the show will get “very complicated” next year, as the two main characters of the TV series try to “fit into” their new surroundings in France, after having escaped the British soldiers in Scotland. “Outlander” Season 2 will also focus on Jamie's coping with the “trauma” of the events in the finale episode of the first Season and Claire's having to deal with her pregnancy.

The actor revealed that the opening of Season 2 will be scenes from the French sea court. He said that the east coast of Scotland was where the scenes were filmed and that the crew of the show had done some “incredible location work.” Heughan added that a lot of French actors will be joining the show next years, some of them quite famous.

One cast member who will return in “Outlander” Season 2 is Steven Cree, who plays the role of Ian Murray. In a recent interview with  Flicks and the City, the actor said that he hoped the fans get to see “much more” of his character next year. Cree said that he hadn’t read the book “Dragonfly in Amber,” and so the fans may know more about what happens next than him.