New York City subways undoubtedly feature a wide variety of fights, but none may match-up to this catfight caught on tape. 

It involves two women, a baby, and a can of pepper spray. Sounds like the beginning a joke, doesn't it?

The fight begins as a blue shirted woman with a baby in a stroller exchanges words with a white-shirted woman. Tension builds to the point that the woman with the baby appears to pepper spray the other woman, causing all hell to break loose.

The woman engaged in a vicious fight in the middle of the subway car, all while the stroller with the baby rolls out onto the platform.

The fight goes on for a good minute before eventually the crowd breaks it up and pushes the one woman off the train and onto the platform, ending one of the most brutal and entertaining catfights of all-time.

Be aware-- there is some NSFW language over the course of the video.