Fresh Start Private is a leader in the alcohol treatment and rehabilitation industry. An alcohol addiction, alcohol withdrawal, alcohol abuse treatment and alcohol detox rehabilitation organization, the company has successfully treated over 5,000 addiction patients (drugs and alcohol) in the Orange County, California area.

The company announced today that it has processed over $1 million in insurance claims at its Orange County clinic for the month of February. Some of the insurance providers Fresh Start Private has been working with include Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare, Healthnet, Kaiser, Anthem, TriWest, SSI, MSI and Presbyterian.

One of the reasons for the growing success of Fresh Start Private is that the company is the only alcohol treatment program to offer a single-dose, licensed long-acting, Naltrexone implant procedure. Naltrexone has been approved for use by the Federal Drug Administration within the United States for the treatment of alcohol-related problems.

Naltrexone helps patients overcome urges to abuse alcohol by blocking the euphoric effects. The traditional oral formulation of Naltrexone has a major drawback in that it must be taken daily. So a patient whose craving becomes overwhelming can easily skip a dose or two and resume abusing alcohol. The company’s clients are treated with a slow-release dose that lasts for a year, giving a higher success in the treatment of alcoholism.

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