A group of tourists in Cambodia were arrested Thursday and charged with taking "pornographic" images near a sacred temple.

Cambodian authorities arrested 10 foreigners at a party in Siem Reap, near the country’s famous Angkor Wat temple. The 10 charged Sunday included five people from the United Kingdom, one from Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands and two Canadians, CBC News reported.

Police reportedly detained 90 people and all but 10 were released. The photos in question showed partygoers engaged in lewd acts. Members of the group posted images of the party on Facebook, the prosecutor said.

"This villa, where events called Pub Crawl or Let’s Get Wet took place, was rented by foreign tourists who went there to drink and take part in sexy porn dances," according to a police report. 

The Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department raided a villa where the tourists had been taking part in a pub crawl event and found people "dancing pornographically." Police seized used condoms during the raid, the Khmer Times reported. Photos released by authorities showed adults tossing around together on the dance floor.

Samrith Sokhon, a local prosecutor from the Siem Reap court, said that those charged face up to a year in prison if convicted, the Associated Press reported. The raid was part of the country's efforts to crack down on tourists engaging in inappropriate behavior near sacred temples.

Global Affairs Canada released a statement regarding the incident.

"Consular services are being provided to the Canadian citizens who have been detained in Cambodia. Consular officials are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information," the department said in a statement. "To protect the privacy of the individuals concerned, further details on this case cannot be released."

The Cambodian government has banned tourists showing cleavage or dressed inappropriately from the Angkor temple complex in July 2016 after photos of a woman wearing a t-shirt and underwear outside the site surfaced. Perpetrators of the law are asked to leave the temple, the Guardian reported in July 2016.

Temple in Cambodia A group of 10 tourists were arrested for taking "pornographic" images at a sacred temple. Photo: Getty Images