Cleartronic designs, builds and installs unified communications solutions for both enterprise and managed environments. Its communication software and hardware devices are able to connect various incompatible communications devices such as two-way radios, phones, cellular phones, PDAs, smart phones and public address systems to Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems, as well as other pre-existing group communications networks, regardless of geographic location, make, model and frequency.

The company has three versions of AudioMate360 IP gateway devices, each supporting a different function – analog, iDEN (Nextel push-to-talk) and land mobile radio. Cleartronic has also developed unique firmware solutions that integrate its hardware with partner software to create unified group communications between public and private sector organizations.

In December of last year, Cleartronic introduced a managed subscription-based service solution for emergency communications interoperability. Customers subscribe based on their needs to avoid the huge upfront expenses. The software allows customers to choose groups that can communicate and specify which devices are allowed in the network. WAVE software is also integrated with the company's AM360 IP gateway devices to enhance product and service offerings and eliminate the costs and complexities of proprietary solutions.

Cleartronic has partnered with several technology and solution providers for testing, field trials, proof of concept and evaluations, including Twisted Pair Solutions, Cisco, Sprint/Nextel, Motorola (NAMD), NEC, KITS and IS-MS. The company has successfully integrated its services with Nortel and Avaya IP PBX resellers, Cisco network suppliers, Motorola two-way and iDEN radio dealers, and wide-area campus alerting suppliers.

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