A mysterious tweet post on Pottermore Tweeter account (@Pottermore) has many Harry Potter fans speculating about the secret features of the new Pottermore website launched by author JK Rowling.

Following the clues scattered across nine fan sites and one official Twitter account, fans were asked to locate ten map coordinates. The letters were later revealed to spell the word, Pottermore. This was where speculation started regarding the new project by Rowling.

The coordinates are being revealed among ten Harry Potter fan sites throughout the 15th and 16th of June 2011. Find the correct sites and you could be one of the first to piece the word together, it further mentions. The letter found at each location spelled out the Pottermore name.

However, Harry Potter fansite, the Leaky Couldron has been granted a preview of the Pottermore and all they revealed was that it is breathtaking.

With only 5 days remaining, many people are speculating about the details in the website. While some believe that it could be a movie sequel, some others think that it might be an interactive platform where Harry Potter fans will be able to meet and access a wide range of games, competitions and even buy books.