Oxygen Biotherapeutics Inc. today announced that the company has submitted a patent application for a new invention that uses Oxycyte perfluorocarbon to deliver oxygen as a first aid treatment for victims of heart attack and strokes. Oxycyte is the company’s perfluorocarbon (PFC) therapeutic oxygen carrier.

The company’s invention, called Vitavent, provides an immediate supply of Oxycyte and oxygen to the victim of a heart attack or stroke until medical help is available. It may be used easily by a victim of a heart attack or stroke, who is still conscious, without the assistance of another. It also may be used by someone who cannot adequately perform CPR in order to assist someone who is unconscious.

By safely combining Oxycyte and oxygen, and administering both together with the help of a self-propelled compressor, Oxycyte is able to absorb and carry into the victim’s lung an oxygen load that is 50 times greater than what the same volume of blood is able to carry. This allows oxygen-enriched Oxycyte to reach oxygen-deprived tissues even when circulation is obstructed and/or a person has stopped breathing.

Chris Stern, chairman and CEO of Oxygen Biotherapeutics, was very upbeat about the future market for the company’s invention. He said, “Ultimately, I see this device being sold over the counter and present wherever there is a defibrillator as well as in any home where there is a concern about a potential heart attack or stroke for a loved one.”