Despite a slow first-half in 2009, Pacific Bepure Industry Inc., one of China’s leading footwear companies, yesterday announced a spike in domestic footwear sales that contributed to a 25 percent increase in full-year sales.

The company’s four lines of Travel Time casual and sports shoes are popular among young women in smaller cities in China. Pacific Bepure manufactures the footwear and sells them in 22 provinces through retail stores and various other outlets, including the Internet and a distributor in South America.

Pacific Bepure said it was able to balance sales by maintaining cost control, generating increases in margins for the second-half of the year. The company also attributes the pick-up in sales to “particularly good response” to its Traveling Series and Business Series lines of shoes.

Additionally, profitable export sales to South America accounted for about 20 percent of sales for the full year. The company plans on expanding its factory space, which is expected to boost production and lower costs.

“I am very pleased with the second half rebound in sales, where we compared favorably with retail sales in China in this period. We are continuing to focus on strengthening our control of distribution as well as on building retail and Internet sales through promotion of our well-known brand. We see a particularly strong growth opportunity ahead in the sales of our ‘Outdoor Travel Series’ and ‘Free Travel Series’ footwear as well as sales in the southwest and middle south markets in China,” Haiting Li, chairman and CEO of Pacific Bepure stated in the press release. “Construction of our new factory is progressing and on completion later this year should permit a 50 percent increase in production and also lower our costs.”

The company said it expects to report audited results for 2009 in late March 2010.