Pacific Blue Energy Corp., – the Arizona-based firm focused on developing renewable energy facilities in prime locations like the Southwest where abundant sun makes photovoltaic (PV) systems optimal, appointed 30-year industry veteran Yoram Gordon to the Company’s Advisory Board.

As a consultant, Gordon was recently instrumental in crafting the business plan and overall market strategy for a small wind turbine inventor/manufacturer, and was able to get it successfully implemented into several urban green building and hybrid wind/solar farms.

The Company’s strategy of pursuing both long-term utility company contracts (which helps those utilities satisfy state requirements for renewable energy) and shareholder returns through profitable infrastructure, while making renewable energy a clean and affordable reality, has resulted in demand for specialists like Gordon:

• Former (2009), Senior VP of Business Development at Eco-WHALE
• Launched Eco-WHALE in April 09 in Stockholm at a Globe Forum trade show, netting 3 of the top-ten slots for most interesting tech companies out of 150, with one of them winning First Prize
• Proficiencies in the hands-on technical aspects of the entire logistical infrastructure of solar and wind technologies
• Engaged worldwide as a renewable energy and sustainability expert at multiple projects
• Masters in Engineering Management; Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
• Multiple leadership roles for over 30 years in a wide variety of tech companies

CEO of PBEC, Joel Franklin, commented on the steady, organic growth of the Company (towards the goal of becoming a “national provider of renewable energy”) as mandating the need for the sophisticated insights and experiential depth that someone like Gordon can bring to the board.

Franklin made it clear that Gordon is also very much in-tune with the Company’s vision and philosophy, and that his vast technical expertise and leadership capabilities make him an invaluable asset.

Gordon himself offered a few comments, sincerely thanking the Company for confidence in his ability.